5 Amazing Facts About Charlotte That Most Of Us Don’t Know

The city of Charlotte is known to be the largest town in North Carolina, but it is surely more than that. There are still a lot of stuff that we do not know about the beautiful city. Check out the amazing facts that most of us don’t know yet. Let’s go ahead and get to know Charlotte more.

1. Pimento Cheese Capital

Some people would consider Charlotte the Pimento Cheese Capital of the world due to the volume of produced cheese in the city that will go over 45,000 pounds.

2. Uptown

We have probably heard uptown whenever we hear about the city of Charlotte. It may confuse you, but the famous Downtown Charlotte is the one called the Uptown. It is because the area is more elevated than the central part of the city.

3. There is no zoo

You read it right. Charlotte is one of the biggest cities in the country, but it doesn’t have a zoo. There is nothing to worry though because, with just a little drive, you can get to Asheboro. You will be able to find the famous National Zoological Park.

4. The Queen City

Charlotte is called The Queen City in respect to the wife of the King George III who is Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

5. The Hornets

We all know that it is the name of their NBA basketball team but what most of us don’t know is how they got the name. During the conquest of a British General way back 1780, the city of Charlotte was called the hornet’s nest. It is because of the formidable force that was stationed in the city.

These are the five important facts that all of us should know about the city of Charlotte. It doesn’t matter if we will just visit or stay for good.